Winter Cross Country Adventure 2017/2018

Go NORTH – Said No One Ever…

Grand Canyon – The North Rim


Leaving Four Corners, we plotted our drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The scenery through the top part of New Mexico and Eastern Arizona was spectacular. Windy two-lane mountain roads from Page, Arizona with cliffs flanked on one side, down below, a gorgeous empty floor of rock with a tiny road.  Marble Canyon. The rock formations, the sandstone, the amazing peak to valley views – it was a breathtaking drive. We drove all the way across the valley and proceeded to the mountain road that takes you to Jacob Lake and to the Canyon, a dramatic elevation change. All of a sudden, we were surrounded by snow! Graydon was thrilled and made a video on his ipad of trees, snow and mountains. As we neared the turnoff to the North Rim, we saw what would be our first warning sign….”Route 67 (that’s the route into the North Rim) not snowplowed or monitored in Winter”…no big deal we thought as we continued up the narrow two lane road. Well…big deal we soon found out as we turned left at Jacob Lake.  

CLOSED! What??? How did we not know? How did Google not know?  Google knows everything! The North Rim was closed.




Joe and I could think of nothing else to do but laugh at ourselves. We drove up to the closed road sign and got Graydon out of the car. He immediately jumped into a snow drift and started making snowballs (he’s been watching a LOT of Elf recently) and he and Joe had a blast. What’s a little detour/mistake in the big picture of the amazing family time we’re able to share with each other?





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