Cross Country Adventure 2017

Heading Home

Time to hit the road and head home, back to our beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry home. Back to the swelter of what will be an amazing summer. We’ve made so many memories as a family with the soundtrack to this entire vacation consisting of:

And about a billion different podcasts!

Our time on the road is something that will be repeated. We’re eternally grateful that we were able to have this experience, with each other and our family. To expose our children to the giant country that’s out there.

On the way home, we were able to stop in Kansas City and spend two nights with Joe’s long-time friend Peggy. What an amazing friendship these two have. Hanging out in her wonderful neighborhood and inside her big, cozy home for two full days was the best way to prepare to come home. Thank you Peggy for allowing us to spend time with you and your girls! 20170616_10334420170616_16534420170616_14072820170616_140916



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