Cross Country Adventure 2017

Beers, Big Band & Bozeman

Driving out of the north gate into Montana, we booked an Air BnB for the family right in downtown Bozeman. This was a garage/loft apartment that was a perfect space for the family. The first day, we wandered around, grabbing some really tasty bagels at a local shop and walking to a park. That afternoon, we visited an AMAZING playground that was built around dinosaurs – and right next to a fire station! Double win. Graydon loved it.  That night, Joe and I booked a babysitter and headed to some of the local breweries around town. One of the bartenders at Montana Ale Works recommended this great local bar, the Eagle, that had a swing/big band happening. It was a blast to listen to music mash up. Following big band, we closed down another local bar where we met some long-time Bozeman natives that had a LOT to say about the changes in the last 20 years in their town. #Bozeman #VisitBozeman #GetLost #GetLostMontana






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