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Public Art at Honey Horn

Today we had the best family-fun day enjoying Honey Horn and their current Public Art Exhibition. The Public Art on the grounds at Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn features 20 sculptures by artists from the Carolina’s, Colorado and even the United Kingdom. The entire event is made possible by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry – we are so fortunate to have such an organization doing this type of work in our community.  Each sculpture is incredibly unique – and Joe, Gray and I had a great time walking the grounds and talking about each of the pieces.

In 2011, The Public Art Exhibition held a similar event and the people’s choice award went to Jonathan Bowling for ‘Family’, which now resides on 278 at the soon-to-be-built Chaplin Linear Park. Gray has grown up with the three horses made out of re-purposed steel and ‘Family’ was actually how he learned to count to three. “Mommy horse, Daddy horse & Graydon horse” he says – every time we drive past.  ‘Family’ is quintessentially Lowcountry as it’s a tribute to the heritage of the Marsh Tacky.

horses on 278

This year, The Community Foundation brought the event back by creating a beautiful trail of pieces – along with a phone-in tour guide and offered guided tours as well. The 2013 winner is from Brooklyn, New York artist, John Clement’s. It’s named ‘Carocol’ and it’s red steel pipe structure is vibrant against the 200 + year old oaks at home at Honey

2013 Public Art Winner
2013 Public Art Winner

Enjoy the photos below – including my favorite, Into The Wind by Loveland, Colorado artist Jane DeDecker! The Public Art Exhibition at Honey Horn brought to the Island by The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry is only on display until December 31st, 2013. Make plans to get there today!

Find out more about the Public Art Exhibit at Honey Horn, The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry & The Artists here.

With Love From The Lowcountry,


Into The Wind
Into The Wind – My Favorite
Hilton Head Hall of Fame at Honey Horn
Gray playing on the old shuffleboard grounds
Old Magnolia Tree at Honey Horn
Sea Island Cotton Garden & Chain Link Gator

20131215_112517Public Art on Hilton Head 20131215_112719 20131215_112746 20131215_113823 20131215_113451

Gullah Bottle Tree
A Boy, His Dad, And A Creek
Gray Pulling On Water From Jarvis Creek
Gray Practicing Balance

20131215_11340120131215_113846 20131215_114157 20131215_11485720131215_11583720131215_11585020131215_12003720131215_12034120131215_12051420131215_12091520131215_121039

The Former Owner’s of Honey Horn’s Graveyard
The Shell From The Spaceship That Floated Onto Hilton Head Beaches in 2010
Space Station Bound!
Darling and Comet, Marsh Tacky Horses at Honey Horn

20131215_121626 20131215_123435 20131215_123113 20131215_123009 20131215_122351



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