Little Free Library In Downtown Bluffton

Today started as a lazy, rainy Sunday on Hilton Head Island. It’s actually been raining for the last couple of days and Gray hasn’t had nearly the fun he usually does, so this morning, we decided to take him out to Island Playground in Bluffton to let him jump in the bouncy’s. As we were got in the car, we realized that we had some time to kill before they opened, so we made our way to Cahill’s Country Store, Farm and Restaurant out in Pritchardville, past Bluffton. Joe had his breakfast of the best country sausage and gravy in the world and I took Gray to see the greenhouse, chickens, turkeys and bunnies! We ♥ Cahills!

On our way to Island Playground – again in the pouring rain – we decided to take a detour and look at the historic homes in downtown Bluffton, along Wharf, Lawrence and Calhoun Street. While on Wharf, we drove past a house that had this in front of it!

Little Free Library On Wharf Street In Downtown Bluffton

How adorable could this possibly be – you take a book and leave a book? Did you know it was there and if so, who’s the owner?


So when we got home from the bouncies, I immediately googled “little free library” and came up with this website. Check it out and see if there is one where you live! This to me is community and its something that definitely reflects the idealism behind the “Bluffton State of Mind”….next time you are in downtown Bluffton, bring a book and add to their library!


With Love From The Lowcountry,



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