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Holiday Farms for Fall Fun!!!

This morning, Gray and I and our friends adventured out to Ridgeland, SC for the Holiday Farms Pumpkin Patch.

Gray at the Pumpkin Patch!

This pumpkin patch and Fall farm is known by families all over Hilton Head & The Lowcountry as the “place to go” in October.  There are live farm animals like llama and chickens, bouncy houses, pig races and a playground, plus every hour they do a hay ride to a field where you pick out your very own pumpkin!  Gray had a blast with his friends Rowynn and Emma (he loves his girls) and it was good to spend time with Kelly, Nate & Brittney.

Just a few notes to get yourself prepared however…’s over an hour from Hilton Head, on the Augusta side of Ridgeland and probably about an hour from Savannah for my Georgia peeps.

1)  Do not follow GPS out to the farm.  For directions, take Grays Highway through Ridgeland, and drive till you see the GIANT pumpkin on the right…about 10 miles after Palmetto Electric or Be Green (both will be on your left)

2)  You will see an address on the holiday farms website…do not use this address as it will drop you in the middle of nowhere….(see number 1)

3)  Porta potties only (just sayin’)

4)  Bring a picnic with you….there are tables in a pavilion set up and its the perfect place to picnic.  The only food they serve there is chips, water, soda, etc.  BTW, waters and sodas are only $1 = thrifty!

5)  Even though the rest of the country feels like Fall, alas, we live in the Lowcountry.  Getting dressed in your jeans will only lead to a major hot mess, just ask me, Kelly and Brittney….we went in semi-Fall attire and all failed miserably in the heat.   Nate was the only one that was smart 🙂

6)  On that note, don’t bother showering before…you are headed to a farm with hay rides and pig racing….learn from me and Brittney!!!

7)  Go to Dukes in downtown Ridgeland afterwards for amazing BBQ.  If you bring the kids, make sure to tip in advance and afterwards :).  Not sure they will ever recover from, lets just say, one would call “lunch” there — but they were super hospitable and the food was amazing.  AND….Gray dumped an entire gallon size tea on the table.  Awesome.

8)  You are going to the country…truly, so get gas before you venture out!!!  I was running on fumes!

Here are some pics of our afternoon!  Best part of the day, Gray slept like a champ all the way back to Hilton Head!

Also, check out my VCB blog on Hilton Head & Lowcountry family friendly activites here,

Here is the Holiday Farms website.

With Love From The Lowcountry,


Emma and Gray watching the pig racing…not to sure how I feel about this?
The Caron family, plus one, Rowynn!
Hay Ride in Ridgeland, SC
Mom and Gray taking a hay ride!
Emma and Gray, sitting in a swing, K I S S I N G!!! Love!

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