Lowcountry Food Experiences

6 Degrees? On HHI it’s 1 Degree of Seperation

Skull Creek at Sunset
Boathouse outside bar

My Saturday morning gets derailed…..and fun ensues!

It started out just like any other Saturday morning in the Lowcountry.  Our 5 month old, Gray has been going down around 7:30pm and waking a little before 7am – which btw is total heaven after 5 months of no sleep – but I digress – anyways, he woke on Saturday morning around 6:00am and I hung out with him, read my book – pretty much just playing till 8:00.  Around 9, I started to feel pretty antsy so I told my hubby Joe I wanted to head out to grocery shop, Sams, get the car cleaned, etc.

Leaving the house, I decided to head out to Bluffton to spend money, unnecessarily of course, at Target.  A good friend of Joe and I’s – Moffett – lives in b-town and since he’s been on my mind a bunch lately, I decided to give him a call for breakfast.  As I was talking with Moffett, we contemplated the b-town  breakfast places that served bloody mary’s – for him, and screwdrivers – for me (hey – Joe had Gray, right) and decided that we didn’t have any choice but to head back to Hilton Head Island.  (Insert great restaurant opportunity in Bluffton here)

So, we headed to the Boathouse.  For those of you that don’t know – the Boathouse is a waterfront restaurant located on Skull Creek on the north end of the Island.  It was completely revamped recently and offers a huge menu, outdoor bar and……you guessed it, brunch on Saturday.  It has a dock and a true working “boathouse”, which makes for a convenient libation stop when you are spending the day on the water.

What happened next can only happen on Hilton Head Island….really, I mean that.   For you HHI locals, it’s a typical day in the Lowcountry but seriously, I feel that someone needs to document this fascinating phenomenon of 1 degree of seperation.  You all may find this completely boring, but I – per usual – was in awe of the Island.

I don’t know how to write this other than simply giving a play-by-play so here we go……and may I remind you – this all takes place before noon.

  • Moffett & Heather walk in to the Boathouse main entrance.
  • Moffett knows the hostess and the server in training that greet us.
  • Moffett & Heather walk outside to the outside bar – there is only one table on the expansive deck – Its Cindy and Aaron (who were in Joe and Heather’s wedding party) with their kids.
  • Moffett & Heather say hi to C&A and take a seat at the outside bar.  The bartender is Paul.  You know Orchid who is premiering on the food network tonight – yeah, it’s her brother.
  • Heather starts talking to Paul about how he used to work at Heather’s friends bar in Savannah – Jen & Friends (great little bar if you ever visit Savannah, btw).
    • Insert here a couple of drinks and a hilarious chat between Moffett & Heather……just sayin’ – if you are a common friend, you were probably in our conversation =)
  • Moffett recognizes a kid from his summer camp days in Hilton Head Plantation, kid is with his parents – Heather sits on a Board with the Mom.
  • Boat pulls up to the dock – off hops one of Moffett’s best friends – Luke, Luke’s fiancé and their friend (not planned at all).
  • Friend gets introduced to Moffett and says – “I know you, I reviewed your resume the other day”….(friend works in human resources)
  • Heather knows friends boss very well.
  • Moffett and Luke tell funny cop car story from the night before – not a 1st degree here but really, really funny – if you know Moffett, have him tell you.
  • Some random guy at bar overhears conversation and asks who Heather is married to.   Heather tells him and of course, random guy knows husband very well.
  • Heather sits on the same Board as mentioned previously with random guy’s co-worker.

I won’t bore you by going on and on, but ya’all get the drift.  I know we live in a small community but seriously, we do have over 2.5 million visitors each year!

I love the Lowcountry and wouldn’t have it any other way – and believe me, I could write an entire blog about what I learn from people I run into at Walmart, Target, etc!

With Love From The Lowcountry,



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